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Hello and welcome! Hopefully you are here because you would like to see an improvement in the attitudes and treatment given to patients and healthcare workers. It is possible for a hospital to function without discrimination, harassment and bullying. I have received hundreds of messages. There are so many people fighting for this and so many people suffering who are looking for support. Please email me at [email protected] If you did not get a reply to your message please check your spam box. The email address is new so sometimes gmail sorts it that way.

Improve Medical Culture is working with Improve Life PLLC on an internship program. We have 30 students involved right now. Please see the website for more information. Additionally, I teach medical topics information on the health professions at local schools.

There are many works in progress. I am going to soon post information on the Physician Wellness Program (PWP) I created. Feedback would be great so that we can care for the wellness of our providers as best as we can. Additionally, I have been compiling stories of mistreatment. This is to show people that not only are they not alone, but due to the stigma and retaliation that occurs, most cases of harassment go undisclosed. If you have a story, I invite you to email it to me. I will change locations and pronouns to make it as anonymous as possible. One day, maybe people will be able to speak the truth without having to be anonymous. Let’s get a step closer to that day.

Upcoming blogs:  In response to the unnecessarily complicated red tape runaround I’ve been put throughI am working on “My Life, a 21st Century Kafka Novel.” Additionally, I have recently come to know that the reason given for my termination is “lack of clinical ability.” They accused me of all sorts of things but this is a new one. Now that they are putting this idea into my head that my clinical skills are subpar, will I start to question my own clinical abilities? I’ve planned to write a piece about the psychological abuse that takes place in an academic psychiatry department called  “Gaslighted by a Department of Psychiatrists: What to do When the Psych Experts Try to Psych You Out.” Keeping with this theme, a piece on sham peer review is also in store. 

Have more ideas? Please add [email protected] as some of my replies have been going into spam boxes.